EMI Products

The railroad industry is heading full steam into the future with 21st century technologies like wireless communication, solar-powered, environmentally friendly antennae, and railway towers that are nothing less than transformational.  We here at EMI Products are taking the industry into that future with our state-of-the-art, railroad engineering products.

Towers for all your needs

Here at EMI Products, we design a wide array of towers for all kinds of applications, everything from tiltover signal and monopole towers, to the traditional self-supporting tower.

Our Amazing Tilt Up Towers

The future is now.  Our Tilt Up Towers are, in a word, transformational.  The tower can be raised in just a single operation.  This means faster implementation of your antenna as well as lower overall costs to you.  And because all maintenance and repairs can now be done at ground level, safety issues are a thing of the past.


Come check out our long line of platforms including Building Platforms & Elevated Platforms, as well as Modular and Man Platforms.  Our platforms come in modular designs for easy transportation and installation in the field.


Our durable foundations, including Helical and Pyramid styles, are built to last.  They can be transported easily to your work site.  Because they are lightweight, installation can be completed quickly.