Hybrid Tilt up Antenna and Solar Tower

A new age is here

The age of more cost-efficient, environmentally friendly reusable energy is here, and EMI Products is leading the way with tower antennae that run on affordable, clean solar energy.

Solar energy saves you money

Of course solar energy saves you money in the long run, we all know that, but did you know that by choosing a solar-powered antenna from EMI Products you can also save money today.  EMI solar towers work in dark territory where power is not accessible.  Install a solar-powered antenna tower from EMI Products today and enjoy the ease and savings of a completely self-contained system for all your telecommunications needs. 

What the hybrid, tilt up antenna does for you

  • Enjoy the ease of installing your antenna from EMI Products. The solar modules and antenna both go up in just one, single operation.  No expensive cranes needed.  Minimize manpower and labor costs.
  • The solar frame itself has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, giving you complete coverage no matter where you are.
  • Save on costly repairs with our security-covered boxes..
  • Enjoy the flexibility of lowering your tower in advance of extreme weather conditions.  This will save you on costly repairs, and lost time as well.  The tower can then be raised back up easily.
  • Our standard towers hold up to six solar panels which can all be raised in just one simple operation.

In short

  • EMI tower products are environmentally sound and leave a small footprint
  • Heights up to 60 feet
  • Wind resistant up to 120 MPH
  • Custom design available for even higher wind speeds

The railroad industry is moving into the 21st century with wireless communications and EMI Products is taking it there.

EMI Tower Antennas are durable, reliable, cost-efficient, and easy to maintain.